Pet Portrait: Shawnee and Winter

S&W SmallThough these two buddies were moved slightly to make a better composition on the paper, Shawnee and Winter really were just hanging out together like this. It’s not that my dogs don’t love my boyfriend’s cat, Scout’s just too impatient to sit there calmly when she could be giving the top of the cat’s head a bath.  Seriously, she coughs up more fur balls than he does.

Disclaimer:  One problem with working off an image where the flash was used is dealing with the demonic red eyes, which is why natural light is definitely preferred in reference photos.  Hopefully my educated guess was close enough (I did have help with at least being told the cat’s eyes were most likely blue, so it wasn’t as stressful as I could have made it)!

S&W Original pic SmallTime Spent:  18 hours and 48 minutes.

Paper Used: 400 Series Flannel White Strathmore Artist Paper cut to 11×14″.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils:

  • S&W PencilsBlack – PC935
  • 90% Cool Grey – PC1067
  • 70% Cool Grey – PC1065
  • 50% Cool Grey – PC1063
  • 30% Cool Grey – PC1061
  • White – PC938
  • French Grey 90% – PC1076
  • French Grey 70% – PC1074
  • French Grey 50% – PC1072
  • French Grey 30% – PC1070
  • Blue Slate – PC1024
  • Blush Pink – PC928
  • Deco Pink – PC1014
  • Dark Umber – PC947
  • Sienna Brown – PC945
  • Ginger Root – PC1084
  • Cream – PC914

Up Next:  Drawing a friend’s precious dog Dexter.  She keeps telling me how amazing he is, but I won’t believe it until I see it because I stay loyal to my own!

Until next time!
Lauren H.
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