Pet Portrait: Herbie

Herbie SmallMeet Herbie.  Other than the VW, the only other being that I’ve known with a name similar to this was my Grandpa Herb.  Herberto to my sister. He always loved dogs (I will be drawing one of his collies in the near future actually), and sometimes I smell his Michael Jordan cologne still lingering around the family pets (or I could just be having small strokes), so I’d like to think he’d be more than happy to share his name with this little guy. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Barclay

Barclay SmallIt’s pretty surprising to me that this is actually the first commissioned pet portrait I’ve done of a Golden Retriever.  Technically I did draw Tuesday, but I had to search that one out.  I think it’s just because I grew up next to a Golden, and because it’s a popular breed I assumed one in four households had one.  I was a kid, it made sense to me at the time!  Like the Easter Bunny… Point is I finally got to draw a Golden Retriever!  Meet Barclay. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Archie

Archie SmallI know some people (who are dead inside) get a little annoyed with all the pet photos people post on social media, but I hope it never stops because sometimes I come across the cutest pets that I then stalk until I get the nerve to ask if I can draw it.  Then I pester that person until they tell me yes just so I will go away.  That’s how I came to draw the Dachshund, Archie. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Annie Oakley

Annie OakleyMeet Annie Oakley, one of the many dogs up for adoption at Stray Rescue of St. Louis.  I doubt that she is a pro at sharpshooting like her namesake was, but with a name like that she has to be talented in some way.  Maybe she can play the piano!  Or juggle!  You won’t know until you visit Stray Rescue and/or adopt her.  Which you should do, obviously. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Zelda

zelda smallOnce upon a time in the land of Hyrule there was a princess named Zelda.  Like another famous video game character, Peach, she has a habit of getting into trouble.  Luckily, no matter what happens, Link is always there for her.  In my mind I like to pretend that this Shiba Inu is living up to this fantasy story in her own way.  And they all lived happily ever after. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Rascal

RascalWith a proud pose like this, I don’t know if I can accept that Rascal has been appropriately named.  Who knows, he could be a mischievous little bugger when the camera is put away.  Must be the black lab side of the Labrador/German Shepherd mix (if this is, in fact, what he is. It’s up for debate). Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Ahsoka

Ahsoka SmallYes, that is a weird name for a dog.  But what would you expect from a couple that had lightsabers as part of their reception introduction as a married couple?  Not that I’m judging; I want a lightsaber… Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Jack

Jack SmallFor my last commissioned portrait before Christmas, I got to spend some time looking at this precious Mountain Cur (a breed of dog I hadn’t even heard of until today) rescued from the side of the road after being hit by a car. I kind of want to steal him. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Diesel and Roxy

boxers smallIn the question of boxers or briefs, I choose boxers. Eh heh heh… No I will not apologize for that joke! I stayed up until 7AM to finish this drawing so that was incredibly hilarious in my head and I regret nothing! Continue reading

Children’s Portrait: Autumn

AutumnJust like her brother Braylon, Autumn is another adorable kid with light blonde hair. Well jokes on you, kids! Those locks are turning brown before you know it! Live it up while you can! (I might still hold a little resentment towards my hair for going through this process…) Continue reading